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New Super Cub LSA almost ready!

We are getting closer to test flying our newest kit—the Backcountry Outlaw LSA. Please visit our LSA information page for the latest updates, pictures and video.

We also added a new section to our Builder Support page covering the assembly process for our standard PA-18 kit. There are literally thousands of pictures for you to reference amongst many build-process categories.

We will be adding a similar set of thousands of build pictures for our Backcountry Super Cub soon. Look for this new addition in a few weeks.

Outlaw LSA—Test flights start soon!

Outlaw LSA

We are indeed making real progress on this forthcoming new kit. The Outlaw LSA is now in the final assembly stage, with the aircraft in its last few steps before we start test flights in the near future.

It has a very robust air frame made of 100% 4130 Chrome Moly tubing in a tandem configuration.

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Backcountry Super Cub   Kits start @ $55,750

(Our upgraded version of the former Mackey SQ-2)

Backcountry Super Cub

The Backcountry Super Cub continues to build on our company's commitment to strive for the ultimate in aircraft performance.

Improvements over both our standard PA-18 & the former Mackey SQ-2 all point toward lower weight, easier construction & better aircraft operation.

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Backcountry Super Cruiser   Kits start @ $56,000

Backcountry Super Cruiser

The Backcountry Super Cruiser is the same kit with the same options as the Backcountry Super Cub with two differences. First is the fuselage is seven inches ( 7” ) wider at the rear of the door opening. The other difference is the removable rear seat frame is wide enough for 2 people making it a true three-seat aircraft much like the original Piper PA-12.

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Backcountry BOSS   Kits start @ $59,925

Backcountry BOSS

The Backcountry BOSS is the Outlaw Super Cub split down the middle lengthwise and 12” put in it (not the way it is manufactured but the same end result) making a 4 place Super Cub.

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The lightest battery possible!

We recommend the Aerovolt brand of batteries. Many of our builders are thrilled with both the performance and incredibly low weight of these batteries.

Not sure which kit is right for you? Compare our Super Cub, Super Cruiser and BOSS side-by-side on this spec sheet

Interested in the classic PA-12 or PA-18 in kit form? Please call us!

Leading edge slat Leading edge slats bolt onto any Super Cub wing. Slats use air pressure to pivot, reduce stall speeds by 30% to 50% with little impact on cruise speed!

The wing becomes virtually un-spinable adding a whole new level of safety! Price $4000 plus shipping & handling

Desert landing Whether landing in otherwise inaccessible picnic spots in the desert, enjoying views seen only from the air or exploring the Idaho back country, our aircraft take your adventures to a new level. Join us watching this DVD as we explore and show you what our aircraft can really do!

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