Backcountry Super Cub

Our Backcountry Super Cub incorporates significant updates over both our PA-18 and the Mackey SQ-2

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Backcountry Super Cub

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Backcountry Super Cub improvements over both our original PA-18 & the Mackey SQ-2

The Backcountry Super Cub continues to build on our company's commitment to strive for the ultimate in aircraft performance.

** multiple images ** Weld-on stringers replace the bolt-on aluminum stringers.

We moved the seat belt tabs from the seat rail to the fuselage for the rear seats.

** multiple images ** We replaced the long seat tunnel with a short seat tunnel.

We made a one-piece, hinged, removable seat frame, so when it is removed, the floor is flat for 6 feet for hauling oversized objects.

** multiple images ** We made new hangar arms for the flaps, making them a semi-fowler flap that goes back as well as down when pulled.

** multiple images ** We ran rods from the front rudder & brake pedals to beneath the front seat.

** multiple images ** We installed brake master cylinders & slides for rudder & rear controls beneath the front seat.

** multiple images ** Parking brake control & brake reservoir are also under the front seat thereby eliminating front master cylinders & unnecessary brake lines.

** multiple images ** All Backcountry Super Cub airframes come standard with dual controls. The rear rudder & brake controls are easily removed.

** multiple images ** We've developed new seat frames that are in-flight adjustable.

** multiple images ** Aileron cable pulleys are now mounted on studs whereas previously they were on hard to access thru-bolts.

** multiple images ** We moved tail handles from bottom longeron to top longeron.

We moved pulleys 3/4" inboard in upper empennage to improve window clearance.

** multiple images ** We added a stiffener for fuselage side-load in the rear seat area.

** multiple images ** We now have a top hinge on the baggage door.

We installed pre-drilled plates to mount fuel drain & brake lines thru the fabric.

We improved the right hand door/window latch mechanism.

We added a plate in the lower fuselage to mount a boost pump.

** multiple images ** We moved the firewall 3" forward to accommodate heavier aft fuselage baggage loading.

** multiple images ** The fin is welded to the top tail section to eliminate the bolt/removable fin--less weight and added strength.

** multiple images ** We added an electric jack-screw trim to improve pilot controllability. This also reduces weight in the tail thereby giving us additional baggage carrying capacity. Several pulleys and a lot of cable are also eliminated.

Motor Mount

The motor mount was dropped down and back to enhance visibility in high angle-of-attack situations. This also improves weight-n-balance for higher 180Hp+ engines (vs the 150Hp engines in a stock PA-18).

** multiple images ** We have a tunnel underneath the seats to contain all the cables and pulleys. This cleans up the cabin floorboard area.

We added toe-brakes.

** multiple images ** We added a tube in the front section to support heavier engines (O-360 & O-375).

** multiple images ** Baggage area has been increased and a large single baggage door was installed on the right side.

 We increased the chord on the flap & ailerons by 4".

** multiple images ** We enlarged the door frame 4" for easier access to both front & rear seats.

We increased the elevator size/area to compensate for the increased wing chord.

We installed a castering leading edge slat system which decreased the stall speed by at 30% to 50%.

** multiple images ** We added a composite two-piece cowling for better visibility and easier construction.

** multiple images ** We moved the top longerons to the actual top of the fuselage for increased strength and reduced weight.

Our Backcountry Super Cub has a gross weight of 2,200 lbs. Empty weight, depending on equipment and build, is 1,200+/-. With 48 gallons of fuel you still have approximately 720 pounds of capacity for pilot, passenger and baggage.

The wing on our Backcountry Super Cub is virtually un-stallable. The castering leading edge slat system allows you to maintain controllable flight down to 20 mph. You also get about 115 mph cruise or 95mph with the big 35" wheels. The best part about the Backcountry Super Cub wing is the safety factor the slats provide. You now have a wing that is very docile and does not have any tendency to drop either side during low speed maneuvers. Average build time is 1,200 hours.

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